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This isn't a complaint, more rather, asking for advice I guess.

I've been a grocery store stocker for under two weeks now.

Last night was the first time I didn't complete my work and I feel terrible.  I even stayed for overtime and I still didn't finish.  Everyone just seems to be done faster than me, even other new people are, and I just feel so oblivious to how they do it I just don't know what to do. I just feel like I'm guessing as I go.  Sweating like a dog trying to carry heavy bags of sugar and cake mixes around and I just don't understand what I'm doing wrong.  Some people can finish three palattes in one shift and I feel pressured to just go super fast, but sometimes I get so desperate I put stuff in the wrong place and I know that's the wrong way to do it.

More often than not I'm stocking cake mixes, and there's like 4 different kinds of white cake mixes like "vanilla, french vanilla, white vanilla, super moist white vanilla" AND i'M JUST SCREAMING INSIDE MY OWN HEAD.  Why in the hell do we NEED 4 different kinds of white cake mixes?  I gotta stock like a speed demon I don't have time for this!
Sometimes I think In grocery stores we are privileged with too much choice in our stores.  But anyway, I want to know if any of you have worked as a grocery store stocker.  How did you meet quota, and what were techniques you used.  And don't give me the "it's walmart" bullcrap.  I want to be good at my job and I'm tired of not finishing at the same pace as everyone else.  Tips please!

P.S.  I'm not allowed to use a scan gun for whatever the reason...
I always give myself high hopes.  I got a job at Walmart, but I signed up for direct deposit late, and the back of the check said I worked 20 hours in two weeks from July 25th- August 7th, and I got a paycheck of 337 dollars, which is great considering my first pay, but it really bummed me out.  Like that can't be right can it?  I mean I work my ass off and it only feels like they're giving me half, I did have orientation for that first week, and I didn't work too much after that, but it feels like a lot...maybe I'm wrong (I probably am).  But dang I sweat and I work hard to make shelves look pretty and I see why people hate taxes now.  70$ go bye-bye!  :C
the hours range from 32-40, so it's full time some weeks.

They have options for overtime.  I'm gonna get some overtime, see how it changes the tides.  

In short I'm sad for a smaller check, super tired.

I want more money this car ain't gonna keep itself afloat.  (No we're fine on payments for now, but as soon as I got my check it seems like it's gonna go poof until my brother gets his car registered, and then he can start working at Pizza Hut)

Anti-Complaint:  I really, really love pomegranate juice.  Like, a lot. <3
Okay I got a job at Walmart recently.

Which I deeply appreciate, but since I'm new everyone's faster than me.  I keep stressing out about it, and I even got upset yesterday because my boss handed me a cart full of a few things, and expected me to know where all the stuff is to put 10 minutes before I had to clock out.  I asked her "But what do I do if I don't finish in time-" and she didn't answer my question and gave me the cart.  Not to mention, she switched all of my stuff from one of those rolling cart things with a step ladder, which I can easily reach top shelves on, to just a regular shopping cart.  and there was a box of applesauce in the shopping cart, and it was really heavy, how did she even expect me to reach the top shelf with how short I am?  Augh! (small rant)
A lot of people are new, and I try my hardest but I still can't help but feel I'm at the bottom of the barrel.  I want to be the best employee I can be.
Does anyone have any tips about stocking in retail and how to go faster?
Here are the lists of problems I have:
First people expect me to know which section a certain item goes in, like for example yellow cake mix, and of course I know it'd be in the baking isle with of course, the cake mixes, but you have to find the specific spot for it, which for me can take eons just reading all the tiny numbers, and I could use one of those handheld scanners, but a lot of other times someone else is using it.  I always have to ask where other stuff is and I feel embarrassed.  Btw I've had to find places for items more difficult than cake mixes.

Second when stocking  I can be loading an item and then the little slot where stuff goes is full, so I look up on the top shelf to store it, but there's literally no room right or left in the top riser to put this one-few spare items that I have. Even if I try to make room, there's no way since you're not allowed to stack items on top of eachother. Do I just move some stuff to any empty items slots we have?

Third, sometimes when you reach back for an item to bring it to the front, the corners of the product sometimes collide with other products while bringing it forward, causing other objects to fall sometimes, and it annoys the hell out of me. If I try to push anything in it bunches up in the back, and the straight lines become a little disharmonized. I want to know how to combat this.

Fourth, when stocking shelves and bringing things from the top riser, it's hard for me to tell what needs to be stocked and what doesn't.  A lot of things on the top riser are flat on its side, and this takes me even longer when I do find something that needs to be stocked, so I bring it down but it's super heavy when I try to take armfuls down to the slot to fill.  If I try to take one item at a time that would take even longer, and not to mention it brings us back to problem one at the top.  It's like stocking/zoning at the same time.
I mean no one's gotten mad at me for falling behind since they understand I am new, but I don't want to use that as an excuse.  I just want to be excellent at my job.  I don't want to have to need help and have people pick up after me.  I can zone an isle really nice, and I can stock given enough time, but I just want advice on tactics you use for anyone that has worked in retail.  I don't know maybe my standards are too high.
It's like everyone else has this unspoken language of how to stock shelves perfectly that I'm not getting, even though I do ask questions.

Advice please.
Okay I want a critique of stuff in my gallery, take your pick and lay it on me.  Tell me what's good, what's bad and how I can get better.

I'm ready for pain.  Ready for growth!

Bring it on! :D
Okay so I got hired at walmart recently, and I had to do my training modules on the computer, but I clocked out for lunch and I really didn't have a lunch, so I just walked around the store and I looked at stuff.

But I wore my vest while off my lunch break, and a couple of people asked me were stuff was, so I helped some of them and I guided them to other employees who might.
But I was told that that counts as working off the clock, which is very VERY BAD!  And I was trying to be nice!  

I'm so nervous and I hoped no one noticed. :C

Fuck me I might lose my job before I'm even done with training, fuck!
Things have been working out great for me recently.

I discovered intermittent fasting, and I do my best to eat 5 out of 7 days of the week.

Ever since I started fasting (while getting highly judgmental stares) My symptoms improve drastically!  I can BREATHE!  My neck isn't nearly as stiff, and if I fast long enough some parts of my body stop hurting.  

But then I get weak and I eat sugar and they go right back to it.

I tell myself, "This is very serious all these issues you are having you need to consume only the best fruits, vegetables, juices, water and herbs until you fully recover, and you can breathe normally again.  Sugar lowers your immune response and it's an inflammatory-"

And it just keeps going on and on.  I value my health so much now.
My only regret is that I realized it when I'm sick.

I do my best to listen to myself though.  I don't really eat candy anymore, and now it's believable for me to turn down soda, or sugar in drinks entirely.

I eat pickled garlic, drink tart cherry juice, and I drink a lot of Naked smoothies (they are amazing).  Occasionally I take raw honey put it in my water with lemon juice.

And when my heart acts up and scares me, I take a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, and it calms tremendously.

But now some of the people I love and care about in my life are also falling ill.  I'm on my way to better health as I can feel it, but whenever I try to urge to try something other than traditional medicine, it's hard.  

I want everyone to feel better.  to be on the yellow brick road to better health like I'm walking.  How all the research I've done has helped me, and I worry day to day about them, even if they claim it's not serious. (Which I have no proof it is, and it might not but I still worry.)

I know you can't just walk up to someone and tell them "Stop eating it's good for you" but the fact is, it helps me!  It helps me and I don't know why people can't see that.  I don't see why people don't even want to try it.  I'm not asking for starvation.  A two day cleanse every week is so beneficial it helps you live longer.  It expels viruses from the body, it revitalizes brain cells, boots your immune system, it does so much just because your digestive system isn't working to digest food, so the body heals itself naturally!

Your heart can produce new cardiovascular cells.

Just like your brain (as apposed to the stereotype you can't) , your digestive tract, your liver, and much much more.  Your body is your best weapon!  All it needs is the right ammo, and you will be able to fight for whatever health issues you are having.

What's the point of having all this helpful, revitalizing health knowledge if no one wants to drink the water? (Aquarius reference I'm an Aquarius, ha)

I'm not panicking.  But my concerns are still ever present, and I just pray that the people who are ill will recover to full health, even if they don't try any of the information I have to share with them.  My goal is not to be right.  My goal is to help.

I am not bashing traditional medicine.  But do not use them if they have failed you, much like me.  But at the same time do not use an alternative to what traditional medicine can't fix, if you have a very very good doctor.

I would love to say that I trust the medical field...I would adore that.
But they gave me medicine to cover up my symptoms.  They never gave me anything to help solve the problem of it...

In short do what's best for you.  I just so happen to be healing on the alternative side, and I feel so at peace that I'll be alright.  My heart is strong.  I am strong, and with my journey I can prove to others that they can be strong too.

To all the people who aren't feeling well, I love you all so dearly.  I will pray to god you'll be just fine and I'm chewing my fingers to stubs for nothing.

As for the lot of you reading, I love you too.  Don't be afraid to search for answers.  Because as those who search, they will find, and those who knock, the door will open.


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