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Scar Tissue (Revamp) by explodingapple
Scar Tissue (Revamp)
To :iconshuffles101:

You were there for me in the darkest of times.  Through all the crying, pain, and complaining I've had you listen to from my mouth, this revamp is for you.  A thank you is never enough.

I will continue to improve, and experiment on my never-ending quest for mastery.

With your words and my art, we will create many things  together, hopefully.

And also, KARLSON.

Stop getting punched in the FACE.  Seriously girl!  How can SO MANY PEOPLE not like you? UGHRbnhfh.
Chocolate Rain by explodingapple
Chocolate Rain
Hey Richard remember that one time I said I was gonna sexually exploit Arthur and slather him in chocolate sauce wellhereitisIDIDIT!  He was completely willing and actually-quite happy about it.  How d'ya feel 'bout that? :DD
(Sorry Richard is :iconshuffles101:'s character, who is Arthur's ah, significant lover/other.  I haven't drawn him yet for you guys but in time I will.  She also made Arthur.)

His tattoos consist of:
A dinosaur
A radiating sun tattoo
A mushroom soup can barcode
A rainbow(down to his crotch) There's a cock at the end.  There's  COCK AT THE END OF THE RAINBOW.
Other tribal stuff on the other arm
And whatever other crap I can think of.  Also the 32 is supposed to be a 31.

He has the body every wayward woman wants to touch...too bad he's gay, but here's some FAN SERVICE FOR YOU GUYS.  I loved making this.,  it was so much fun!
Augh he is so fine, I think I made him too pretty....NOPE WE'RE KEEPING IT. :D
Intimacy by explodingapple
I realized I never really draw Dani and Al doing anything as a couple...and if I ever do on a rare occasion they're fighting or something...they're relationship is still complex to me, and I have little success of  actually pinpointing specifically why they love each other.  I don't really want it to be a love-hate relationship, because those are so cliche--but rather---they balance one another.  Two equals keeping each other in check, and yet at the same time embracing one another with their chaotic flaws.
I like to picture that when Dani told Al where she came from he didn't really care--which was surprising to her since most people would judge her on the spot.  He didn't care what she'd done before to stay afloat financially(maybe Al wasn't her first physically?...but he could be her first emotionally), he didn't care she had weird tenancies, or what her teeth were REALLY used for.(cough biting off dicks, cough)  He just stayed with her and didn't give a fuck so long as she promised not to rip off his. Other than that he was fine with it...because being with a succubus meant out of this world sex, so of course he would go for it.  He told her where he came from, and the things he did...and it just kind of clicked.  How two people are so different and yet...secretly alike.  She loves him for his sarcasm, his jaded stare, his mischievousness, and almost chaotic demeanor...along with his lewd imagination.  He loves her for her adventurous nature, her bravery, her happy glow...but most of all that he can confide all of his secrets to her...and that she never tells anyone, or judges him.  In bed she's like a pillow for his feelings...Al never opens up to anyone.  It's like he has a very very hard shell, but if you chip away at it for oh--let's say...several years then you eventually get to his emotional fiery underside.  Full of daddy issues and guilt that he tries constantly to drown with alcohol.   Both their pasts are so depressing that they're both numbed by it, and in fact they make fun of it (well mostly Al, but Dani just laughs along).  Neither of them are really saints...of course they have three kids and Dani just decides that "Okay Im gonna be a good mom, I'm gonna be a really good mom even though I burn water on the stove." But Al just stays the same.  "I hate kids and I still do cocaine...let's see where this goes!" (Nah he doesn't do it anymore...I dont think)  the results are...surprisingly okay.  One son and two daughters...and none of them are dead yet.  I think it'll work out in the end. :D

Anyway my stories change with the tides it seems.  this is one I like, but if I come up with anything else I'll keep people posted.  Oh yeah...shouldn't I be working on something else?

I probably should go do that.  Enjoy the smut.
Evil Eye by explodingapple
Evil Eye
There's a weird eyeball trying to take over al's head, but here comes Maddie to the rescue!

dun-dun-dun!  Super old lady. Yank it...yank're not YAKING HARD ENOUGH.

Yes he is in great pain.  So much pain.  MM!  Lookit all that blood!  They need some strain remover to get that out later.

This cool lady belongs to :iconshuffles101:
I got you flow-MMF! by explodingapple
I got you flow-MMF!
You guys have seen Dahlia, but she looks different here, but anyway.

The bloke is James who belongs to the lovely and talented :iconshuffles101:

He's kind of a dick, but sometimes I don't see it.  I really like James and how just..."James" he is.  He doesn't really show love with words as much, but more with "I'll protect you forever and ever "attitude,  which is great!

Dahlia on the other hand is very opposite.  She tells James so often how much she loves him.  Being the girly girl she is she always does things with him like cook him dinner, make him sleep over, drag him to the mall to pick out clothes, and just go on and on about her day.  In here she just decides one fine day that since James hasn't made the first move that she would do it instead.  After waiting for her out the front of her school like he normally does she just plants one on him before he could even finish his sentence.  She regrets nothing.

Though secretly she probably owns a calender counting down the days until she can bone him since she's not quite the right age yet.
Good thing holding hands and kissing doesn't require protection.~ :icontrollfaceplz:

Why am I not working on other things?  Because I HAD TO.  I HAD TO DO THIS I'M SORRY WORLD haha, no I'm not.
For the past few days I've bee job hunting, and kinda moping that I didn't get a job, so I'm declaring today as day 20.

I guess I'm not designed to have a perfect diet, and that's okay.

Weight loss takes a while anyway, though that doesn't mean I should stop going, and this is for my health.

Later today I'll write down here what I owe, because it's still quite a list, and I'm going to work on it.  Especially at night.

I draw way better at night.  You guys should see me when i draw at night.  I'm all "NO I DON'T WANNA GO TO BED I'LL LOSE THE JUICE."



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Oh my god...people actually COME HERE?

Jesus wow.

You guys are awesome.

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